Merging Files


Quite often subjects have their genotypes imputed in batches. The files returned by these imputation can be converted into binary dosage files. These binary files can be merged into a single file if they have the same SNPs and different subjects using the bdmerge routine.


The bdmerge routine takes the following parameters

The following code merges vcf1a.bdose and vcf1b.bdose into one binary dosage file. It then displays the number of subjects in each file.

bd1afile <- system.file("extdata", "vcf1a.bdose", package = "BinaryDosage")
bd1bfile <- system.file("extdata", "vcf1b.bdose", package = "BinaryDosage")
bd1file <- tempfile()

bdmerge(mergefiles = bd1file, bdfiles = c(bd1afile, bd1bfile))

bd1ainfo <- getbdinfo(bd1afile)
bd1binfo <- getbdinfo(bd1bfile)
bd1info <- getbdinfo(bd1file)

#> [1] 60
#> [1] 40
#> [1] 100