DR.SC: Joint dimension reduction and spatial clustering for single-cell/spatial transcriptomics data


To install the the packages “DR.SC”, firstly, install the ‘remotes’ package. Besides, “DR.SC” depends on the ‘Rcpp’ and ‘RcppArmadillo’ package, which also requires appropriate setting of Rtools and Xcode for Windows and Mac OS/X, respectively.

# Method 1: Install it from CRAN

# Method 2: Install it from github

Setup on Linux or MacOS system

For running big data, users can use the following system command to set the C_stack unlimited in case of R Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit.

ulimit -s unlimited


For an example of typical DR.SC usage, please see our Package vignette for a demonstration and overview of the functions included in DR.SC.