ForestTools 0.1.5

Fixed a persitent bug in ‘TreeTopFinder’ whereby CHMs with imprecise cell sizes (i.e.: cell dimensions that aren’t accurate after a certain number of decimals), would cause issues with the shape of the focal windows. Internally, CHM cell dimensions are now rounded to the fifth decimal.

ForestTools 0.1.4

Add a new option for generating polygonal tree crowns with ‘SegmentCrowns’ using GDAL utilities from OSGeo4W. See documentation for ‘SegmentCrowns’ as well as new vignette: “Options for creating polygonal crown maps”.

ForestTools 0.1.2

Added the ‘Quesnel’ dataset. Added a new vignette: “Calculating inventory attributes using Forest Tools”.

ForestTools 0.1.1

Modified ‘SegmentCrowns’ function so that it can produce tree crowns in polygon format. The function will also calculate crown area, and filter out crowns that are not associated with a treetop point location.

Changed name of ‘TreeTopSummary’ function to ‘SpatialStatistics’. This reflects its new functionality, which allows crown maps to be inputted as well as treetop locations.

ForestTools 0.1.0