GetDFPData2 is the second and backwards incompatible version of GetDPFData, a R package for downloading annual financial reports from B3, the Brazilian financial exchange. Unlike its first iteration, GetDFPData2 imports data using a database of csv files from CVM, which makes it execute much faster than its predecessor. However, the output is slightly different.

A shiny app – web interface – is also available at


# available in cran (stable)

# github (dev version)

Examples of Usage

Information about available companies


# information about companies
df_info <- get_info_companies(tempdir())
print(df_info )

Searching for companies

search_company('grendene', cache_folder = tempdir())

Downloading Financial Reports


# downloading DFP data
l_dfp <- get_dfp_data(companies_cvm_codes = 19615, 
                      use_memoise = FALSE,
                      clean_data = TRUE,
                      cache_folder = tempdir(), # use local folder in live code
                      type_docs = c('DRE'), 
                      type_format = 'con',
                      first_year = 2019, 
                      last_year = 2020)