Update History

========================== ## RJafroc 1.0.1 ### Minor bug Package was not installing on Solaris - overloading errors. Changed sqrt(2) in RsmFuncs.cpp to sqrt(2.0). However, Solaris is incompatible with ggplot2; so will recommend that Solaris version not be distributed on CRAN.

Sorry, but I’m not sure what’s different between the CRAN Solaris machine and R-hub’s Solaris machine. You could prepare a new package submission for CRAN with the caveat that, since you do not have access to a Solaris machine, your fix is speculative and may yet fail to compile on the CRAN Solaris machine. The CRAN Repository Policy (https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/policies.html) also states: Package authors should make all reasonable efforts to provide cross-platform portable code. Packages will not normally be accepted that do not run on at least two of the major R platforms. Cases for Windows-only packages will be considered, but CRAN may not be the most appropriate place to host them. So you could in theory argue your case that your package does not support Solaris, and request that CRAN not distribute your package on that platform. But given that the issue you’re bumping to is (not) documented explicitly in the R manuals, I’m not sure how much success you would have.

========================== ## RJafroc 1.0.0 ### Major changes Renamed functions for better organization; Removed shiny GUI interface Support for LROC datasets and cross-modality datasets CAD vs. radiologist analysis, both single modality and dual modality

RJafroc 0.1.1

Bug fixes

RJafroc 0.1.0

Major change

Minor bug and aesthetic fixes

RJafroc 0.0.1

Original version posted to CRAN website