High Performance Container Data Types


Github: https://github.com/randy3k/collections

Documentation: http://randy3k.github.io/collections

Provides high performance container data types such as Queue, Stack, Deque, Dict and OrderedDict. Benchmarks https://randy3k.github.io/collections/articles/benchmark.html have shown that these containers are asymptotically more efficient than those offered by other packages.

dequer implements double ended queues and it supports arbitary R objects. However, it uses R_PreserveObject and R_ReleaseObject heavily which could be an issue for long queues.

datastructures uses ‘Boost’ and ‘STL’ data types to implement queues and hashmaps.

liqueueR implements queues using R lists.

hash uses new.env( hash = TRUE) to create hash tables.

hashmap provides fast hashmap for atomic vectors.