Analyzing head-to-head competitive interaction data

### Author: James P. Curley, ### Contributions: Jiayi Fu, Ke Shen & Ziheng Huang ### Maintainer: James P. Curley email: jc3181 AT columbia DOT edu

Even though this package is in development, if you do use it in published research please cite it as:

Curley, J.P. 2016, compete: Analyzing competitive interaction data: R package version 0.1


Published papers

This package was used in the following papers:

So, N. et al. 2015, A Social Network Approach Reveals Associations between Mouse Social Dominance and Brain Gene Expression, PLOS ONE

Curley JP, 2016, Temporal Pairwise-Correlation Analysis Provides Empirical Support for Attention Hierarchies in Mice, Biology Letters

Williamson C, Lee W & Curley JP, 2016, Temporal Dynamics of Social Hierarchy Formation and Maintenance in Male Mice., Animal Behaviour.