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datarium: Data bank for statistical analyses and visualization

Contains data organized by topic: categorical data, regression model, means comparisons, independent and repeated measures ANOVA, mixed ANOVA and ANCOVA.

Helper functions

The two data sets (Titanic and housetasks) are frequency/contingency table. We’ll create our demo data sets by recovering the original data from Titanic and housetasks tables.

To do so, first copy and paste the following helper function:

counts_to_cases <- function(x, countcol = "Freq") {
    if(!inherits(x, "table")) x <- as.table(as.matrix(x))
      x <-
    # Get the row indices to pull from x
    idx <-, x[[countcol]])
    # Drop count column
    x[[countcol]] <- NULL
    # Get the rows from x
    x <- x[idx, ]
    rownames(x) <- 1:nrow(x)

Then, recover the original data as follow:

# Load the data
data("housetasks", package = "factoextra")

# Recover the original raw data
titanic.raw <- counts_to_cases(Titanic)
housetasks.raw <- counts_to_cases(housetasks)