Version 6.0.0

Breaking changes

Bug fixes

New features


Version 5.4.0

Version 5.3.0

Version 5.2.1

Version 5.2.0

Version 5.1.2

Version 5.1.0

Version 5.0.0

Version 4.4.0

Version 4.3.0: 2017-10-17

Version 4.3.0 has: - Reproducible random numbers - Automatic detection of knitr dependencies - More vignettes - Bugfixes

Version 4.2.0: 2017-09-29

Version 4.2.0 will be released today. There are several improvements to code style and performance. In addition, there are new features such as cache/hash externalization and runtime prediction. See the new storage and timing vignettes for details. This release has automated checks for back-compatibility with existing projects, and I also did manual back compatibility checks on serious projects.

Version 3.0.0: 2017-05-03

Version 3.0.0 is coming out. It manages environments more intelligently so that the behavior of make() is more consistent with evaluating your code in an interactive session.

Version 1.0.1: 2017-02-28

Version 1.0.1 is on CRAN! I’m already working on a massive update, though. 2.0.0 is cleaner and more powerful.