Thank you for taking the time to contribute to exDE (Extensible Differential Equations for mosquito-borne pathogen modeling).


If you find a bug, have a question about how to use a feature that does not have sufficient documentation, or have a suggestion for improvement, please leave an issue at our GitHub repo.

For bug reports please include:


We use Git on this project. Which means we use main, dev, feat/*, bug/*, and hotfix/* branches. Please refer to this post for more information of each type of branch.

We periodically merge dev into main for release updates. These releases will appear on the GitHub releases page.

Continuous integration

We use GitHub Actions as our continuous integration platform to run workflows. The workflows we use are from r-lib/actions for R packages.

We run three types of workflows.

R CMD check runs during any pull request to [main, dev] branches.

Test coverage runs during pushes to [main] and uses our integration for checking test coverage.

Finally, pkgdown runs during pushes to [main].

Please note that sometimes hard to diagnose bugs can be due to out of date workflows. If you find a strange or unusual bug coming from a workflow, this is something to consider checking.

Pull Requests

If making a pull request, please only use dev as the base branch. If you are adding a new feature (i.e. the pull is from a feat/* branch), please ensure you have added minimal tests using testthat so that the functionality of your feature can be tested.