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The goal of formulops is to assist with formula modification in R treating formulae as standard mathematical operations as used with nlme::nlme() and lme4::nlmer() (for treatment as statistical formula see the Formula package).


You can install the released version of formulops from CRAN with:



A few common examples of modifying a formula are given below.

# Replace a with c in the formula
modify_formula(a~b, find=quote(a), replace=quote(c))
# Replace a with c+d in the formula
modify_formula(a~b, find=quote(a), replace=quote(c+d))
# More complex parts can be replaced, too
modify_formula(a~b/c, find=quote(b/c), replace=quote(d))
# Multiple replacements can occur simultaneously
modify_formula(a~b/c+d, find=list(quote(b/c), quote(d)), replace=list(quote(d), quote(e)))
# Function arguments can be expanded
modify_formula(a~b(c), find=quote(c), replace=quote(formulops_expand(d, e)))

A substituting formula is a simple way to generate a complex formula from several simpler formulae. Parentheses are appropriately added, if required.

foo <- substituting_formula(y~x1+x2, x1~x3*x4, x2~x5/x6+x7)