interplex 0.1.2

Per updated CRAN requirements, this patch moves several packages that are used in converters from Suggests: to Imports:. It relieves the previously imposed conditions on tests (though not on examples) that use them. The exceptions are {TDA} and {igraphdata}, which are not used by any converters.

The patch also removes the @docType {roxygen2} tag in favor of "_PACKAGE" and fixes a broken code link and several URLs. Finally, it uses utils::getFromNamespace() to invoke commands from {simplextree} v0.9.1 that were discontinued it v1.0.0.

interplex 0.1.1

Per CRAN requirements, this patch imposes conditions on tests and examples that use packages in Suggests:.

interplex 0.1.0

This first release includes converters between the following data structures:

Coercion among the graph/network classes is done using methods from the {intergraph} package. Simplicial complexes are only directly coerced from the ‘igraph’ class.