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Pinp is not PNAS


The template provided by the PNAS Article template in the rticles package makes it very easy and convenient to create attractive looking two-column papers with an option to switch to a one-column paper.

There were however a few changes we wanted to make such as the use of standard natbib citations, more extended use of color, a different font as well as the removal of a number of PNAS-specific title page items as well as general code and use simplification via a single LaTeX class file. So this pinp package started.


Pinp Vignette

As of release 0.0.2, the package now has a vignette:

Rcpp Vignette

A complete pdf example of the two-column default template is provided here by the new introductory Rcpp vignette, which is itself based on our PeerJ Prepint.

A screenshot of the first two pages: