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An R Package with data from a test of the PlatoWork tDCS headset


Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, tDCS, is a technique for cognitive enhancement. Many commercial devices are available. We tested one of those, the PlatoWork headset from PlatoScience.

We (my son and I) used the speed typing test at to see if using the headset would enhance performance and/or learning rate. We did a number of test sessions each, usually one per day, with between 4 and 12 tests per session. Each session was performed with either:

Stimuli A and B refers to either a placebo or an actual direct current stimulation. Only after the test, we learned which was which. This functionality was available from a research version of the PlatoWork app.


The R package platowork provides a small data set with the results of our experiment and a vignette with some analysis.

To install the package from GitHub use:



A vignette with a small analysis of the results can be read from R Studio using:


Or accessed directly at: