psychmeta: Psychometric Meta-Analysis Toolkit

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The psychmeta package provides tools for computing bare-bones and psychometric meta-analyses and for generating psychometric data for use in meta-analysis simulations. Currently, the package supports bare-bones, individual-correction, and artifact-distribution methods for meta-analyzing correlations and d values. Please refer to the overview tutorial vignette for an introduction to psychmeta’s functions and workflows.


psychmeta was written by Jeffrey A. Dahlke and Brenton M. Wiernik.


The official CRAN release of psychmeta can be installed with the following code:


The unofficial GitHub release of psychmeta reflects updates made to the package between official CRAN releases. Using the devtools package, the GitHub release can be installed with the following code:


Citing psychmeta

To cite psychmeta in your resarch, please refer to the package’s citation information using the citation() function.


Reporting Issues

To report bugs or other issues, email