R Package Wrapper Around ‘Sleeper’ (Fantasy Sports) API


Install release version from CRAN:

CRAN_Status_Badge downloads R-CMD-check Codecov test coverage


Install latest development version through GitHub via devtools package:

install.packages("devtools") # If have not installed package already


Sleeper offers a free, non-authenticated read-only HTTP API for users to gather information from their platform. Their API documentation goes into basic GET requests using terminal commands, but those wishing to use R might want a simpler way to gather the data they would like to analyze should they be unfamiliar with how to go about this in R.

This package attempts to solve this issue through various functions that gather data from Sleeper’s API into lists and data frames (well known objects for R users) just by knowing basics like league or user IDs. Additionally, this package offers plotting functions (including an interactive dashboard function through R’s Shiny package), allowing insights to be gathered quicker.

For example, using only the league ID that I am familiar with for the “Know It Alls” fantasy football league, I can easily call functions like get_winner_playoff_bracket or get_league_drafts to get the data in a readily usable object to jumpstart our analysis. By executing get_winner_playoff_bracket(688281863499907072), it returns a nice data frame detailing everything that Sleeper’s API provides us concerning the playoff bracket for the Know It Alls league.