Alerts and Notifications

standby offers several types of alerts, notifications and tooltips. This document is a quickstart guide for using standby in your Shiny applications. Let us look at a simple example below:


ui <- fluidPage(
  useToast(), # include dependencies
  actionButton(inputId = "btn",
               label   = "iziToast Demo")
server <- function(input, output, session) {

  observeEvent(input$btn, {
    # display toast notification
    toast("Hey there!", "Thank you for exploring buzz!")

shinyApp(ui, server)

To use alerts or notifications from buzz in your Shiny application, follow the below steps:


The below table displays the dependency and rendering functions along with references:

Index Dependency Render Reference
1 useAlertify() alertify_alert()
2 useAlertify() alertify_notify()
3 useBootBox() bootBox()
4 useMicroTip() microTip()
5 useNS() notice()
6 useNotify() notify()
7 useTingle() tingle()
8 useToast() toast()

Visit the documentation to learn how to customize the alerts and notifications.