tsvr: timescale-specific variance ratio

Lei Zhao, China Agricultural University Shaopeng Wang, Peking University Daniel C. Reuman, University of Kansas - maintainer

This repository provides tools for timescale decomposition of the classic variance ratio of community ecology. Tools are as described in Zhao et al (in prep), extending commonly used methods introduced by Peterson et al (1975) <doi: 10.2307/1936306>.


In addition to the documentation, see the vignette, which is the best way to get started.


The package is on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).

For a quick install of this development version: devtools::install_github(repo=“reumandc/tsvr”). The install_github function, by default, will not install the vignette. There is an option for installing vignettes (build_vignettes=TRUE), but it seems finicky. You can also clone the repository and use devtools::install() to install from your local clone. The build_vignettes=TRUE option seems to work better for devtools::install than it does for devtools::install_github. If you have trouble, please email me.