velociraptr 1.1.0

R Functions for downloading, cleaning, culling, or analyzing fossil data from the Paleobiology Database. Developed and maintained by Andrew Zaffos as part of the Paleobiology Database and Macrostrat Database tech development initiatives at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Changes in 1.1.0

Several of the dependency functions have changed.

  1. RCurl dependency has been dropped thanks to changes in how base handles https
  2. rgdal has been replaced with sf

Several functions have been removed because they can be found in other packages.

  1. subsampleIndividuals() Has been removed and can be replaced with vegan::rarefy()
  2. subsampleEvenness() Has been removed and can be replaced with SSDCS::sqs()
  3. adaptiveBeta() Has been removed. More thorough code can be found in the supplementary materials of the original paper

Miscellaneous changes

  1. Beta diversity functions now enforce a presence-absence matrix if provided an abundance matrix.
  2. Dropped several hard-coded data cleaning steps that removed NA’s and hanging factors from various functions. This may introduce breaking changes to some scripts, but these sorts of cleaning decisions should be made expicitly by users rather than be implicit in these functions.
  3. downloadPBDB() now supports spaces in interval names - e.g., "Early Triassic"